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Intimate wedding at Mt Hood Organic Farms

When you think back on your wedding day, what do you hope you feel? What moments stand out when you imagine your experience? What matters most to you? When you look at your wedding photos, you won't just be reminded of the perfect visuals you planned, but you'll be brought back to how you felt. Documenting it honestly, preserving every drop of emotion the way you felt it, that's where I come in.

This sacred day should unfold in a way that's meaningful to you. Your wedding day is not a photoshoot, it's not a series of stiff poses or an unreal version of yourself. The real moments you experience, your genuine emotion, that's what matters.

But do it your own way.

As a Portland wedding photographer, I specialize in intimate weddings and elopements because I want to preserve what you feel on your wedding day. This is your visual legacy to keep and pass down. The way your experience feels, matters. However that looks, it should make sense for you and your partner.

It should fit.


Matt + Emily's Evening Engagement

Session in the Mountains

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My name is Elissa (you can call me Elle), and I'm a traveling elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Portland, OR.

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