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Let me say that one more time

You can do WHATEVER you want!!

What exactly is eloping?

Focus on each other

One of the biggest reasons couples have shared why they chose to elope is they wanted to have a ‘just us’ wedding experience. An authentic, truly present, in-the-moment kind of day where they can celebrate their love and their union in a way that emphasizes who they are and their values. Eloping grants you a pressure-less, no distraction, expectation free, zero obligation wedding day. No stress from family, no anxiety over people watching you have some very intimate feeling moments, just you and the person you love most melting into each other in an epic location, exactly where you want to be.



There are tons of reasons people choose to elope. But doing so ensures that you get to keep your intention in view throughout your entire elopement journey, from engagement to that moment when you lay your head down on your pillow on your elopement night. You get to be fully present with your partner, focus on what your elopement means, acknowledge your joy and celebrate it throughout the day.

Nothing will drain the meaning from your wedding day like your attention being pulled everywhere except to your partner.


You want to start this new chapter in your lives together and mark the occasion in a way that you connect with. You get to do just that when you elope. The intention of the day stays in the forefront, and the moments that naturally occur throughout are more easily savored and lived in. You can embrace every emotion that finds its way to you and be wrapped up in it with your partner. The silly details that people stress over but no one seems to remember? You can forget about all that! You get to continuously remember and appreciate what the day is about, and you get to focus on what matters most--each other.

The decisions you make are yours and yours alone

The way the day unfolds is completely up to you, and the sky’s the limit. It doesn’t get clouded by anyone else’s opinions or traditions that hold absolutely no meaning to you. Instead of cutting a cake and feeding it to each other (why do we even do that?), maybe you elope in the mountains and have your first snowball fight as a married couple, or make your first cozy cocktail together. You can do anything you want, and if you want to create your own traditions or attach meaning to things/rituals/songs/places that you actually care about, do it.

Staying centered and grounded is much easier when you have a reason behind every decision.


Way less stress

Have you noticed that when someone you know is getting married, most everyone has an opinion about the ‘right’ way to do it? One of the biggest sources of stress I hear engaged people vent about is family drama surrounding their wedding. It’s enough for people to change their minds mid-processional and say, ‘Let’s just elope!”

Allowing family and friends to determine how your wedding will unfold needs to be denormalized. I know, we just want to please everyone, but the reality is that’s not possible. Getting married is about celebrating your love, not what flatware goes best with the table runners. Eloping allows you to drown out all the nonsense. The day stays about your marriage, not just your wedding.

Just say NO to drama.


Valuing experience over things - Leave No Trace principles




When you've witnessed a sunset that made you want to cry, did you wish you had 150+ of your closest friends and former co-workers there to share it with? Probably not. If you’re like me, you wanted one person--your person--to share it with.

When you elope, you get to be swept up in every emotion with the one person (or handful of people), that you feel safe with. Whatever it takes to be present on your wedding day, do it that way.




Another advantage of eloping from a financial perspective is that you can have more freedom to spend money on things that matter most to you. The average cost of an elopement is somewhere around 5-13K, but you can elope for the cost of just the marriage license. The freedom to make those decisions and leave behind the rest is liberating.

When my husband and I eloped, there weren’t many things we felt we needed to spend money on to make our day everything we wanted. Our priorities were photography (duh), florals, location, accommodations, and attire. We spent a little over 4K for our dream elopement; we wouldn’t have had it any other way.





No rules!


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