Aileen + Grant’s Colorful Charleston Wedding

January 17, 2023

The use of bright colors coupled with Grant and Aileen’s love of movement and the emotion that came through on this day were so lovely. Grant and Aileen LOVE Charleston, SC, so they decided to get married and celebrate their union at the William Aiken House in downtown Charleston. The color palette in Charleston totally went together! There was such a range of emotion and aesthetic throughout the day; from the drama of the church, the color palette Aileen chose for her wedding crew, the romantic and spring-y decor at the reception looking like a disney princess arranged the affair (in the best way), the palm trees gave the day a whimsical feel (even when we took photos around the cemetery). 

Grant’s dad was his Best Man, and the moments they shared throughout the day were so heartfelt. The bridal suite where Aileen put on her second hand Rue de Seine dress was in the Marlon Wayans film Naked. But I think we captured the space in our own way, unique to Aileen and Grant’s experience :). I think one of my favorite moments was finding Aileen’s dad alone in a beautifully moody room, going over and editing his toast. 

Check out this emotional, joyful, color-filled Charleston wedding day.