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Once you've gotten a feel for my work, take some time to read a little about my approach to photography, values regarding documenting, and make sure you can handle my dad jokes. If you think we're like-minded and could make beautiful things together, read on.

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Write up a lil email, let me in on the things you love about your partner and your relationship. Tell me about the best concert you’ve ever been to, your love language, your favorite movie, how highly you prioritize coffee in the morning. I want to know everything. Once I find your lovely message waiting for me, I’ll be in touch soon.

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Leading up to your wedding day, I’ll be there with you to guide, encourage, talk down, bring wine, you name it. I’m happy (and prefer), to help with planning the day-of timeline. Having a timeline doesn’t mean that we need a minute by minute accounting for how the day will unfold, it’s simply an outline for everyone to know what’s coming next and how to get there. It will give you a reason to let go and relax, to be in moments that you deserve to be in on this day. If you’re working with a coordinator, whether you’re eloping or having a micro wedding, I’m more than happy to weigh in on any timing questions or concerns while letting them work their organizational magic.

The wedding day

I arrive well before my agreed upon start time to get a lay of the land and scout little nooks for first looks, family photos, portraits, etc. I will virtually scout prior to the wedding day to get an idea of what lighting conditions will look like at various points in the day. For elopements, my research of the area will be a bit more intensive.

My approach is laid back, hands off, yet immersive. I like to step back and observe while also getting comfortable and making friends with your people. I see the best moments unfold and get the best photos when everyone is being themselves. It's always going to be about emotion for me, so I try to document in a way that nurtures and encourages any emotion present to truly be felt. Candid moments are perfect to capture for this very reason, between you and your partner and moments with your friends and family. I let moments play out organically to let you experience them authentically (while I have my camera pressed up against me face haha). I will never make you try to repeat or reenact a moment just so I can ‘get the shot.’ Experience has taught me to anticipate moments, understand how light works and how to best use it. The most I’ll ask is suggest that we open blinds or move to another part of the room to make the most of our environment.

First looks

Seeing the person you’re going to marry before you exchange vows is a very special way to quiet nerves and quell stress. Are they your safe place? Yes. Do They know how to calm you and excite you all in one breath? Definitely yes. Take advantage of that. Hang out with the most important person in your life on the most important day of your life. You’re going to have nerves, plus people starring at you both, looking at you and your partner, watching for reaction as you’re walking down the aisle. You have that one brief moment in front of everyone to take it all in, to feel it all, and then you have to wait to kiss them which is probs the one thing you’ve been wanting to do all day! Have a quiet moment, stay centered. A first look just gives you a little secret to be in on together. No matter how you decide to map this part of your day out, keep what’s important at the heart of the day: each other. There is no wrong way to arrange your wedding day. Let it reflect you and your love, be true to who you are as a couple and make decisions together.

The Ceremony


Calling them ‘portraits’ makes it sounds so stiff and posed. They’re not I promise! If we are doing photos of family/bridal team, I put my bossy pants on and give very clear and decisive direction. For portraits of you and your partner, I will guide and direct, but it will feel natural and easy. I totally get that being in front of a camera is not super easy or comfortable, and I know you’ll tell me that you guys are so awkward, but I promise you’re not. You’ve just had award photos taken. After getting to know you both leading up to your wedding, I'll give you little things to do while we take those more 'formal' photos so that they feel like YOU and not some posed and stiff version of you. Your wedding is not a photoshoot and won’t be treated as one. It is a reflection of who you are as a couple and the people you love, so the photos that come along with you long after your wedding day should be a piece of everything that you felt, honestly.


I have to warn you, if there’s dancing, I’m going to be out on the dance floor busting some supremely terrible moves. Sorry. (Not sorry!)



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