Leading up to your elopement, be transparent about what you’d like your hypothetical wedding to look and feel like. You can even drop hints when talking to your loved ones. One bride said that she had mentioned to her cousins that her dream elopement would be at the end of a hike in the woods in Washington. So when that plan actually came to fruition, they weren’t surprised in the least.

You shouldn’t feel like you need to justify your reasons for wanting to elope. When it comes down to it, your wedding is about making the experience authentic to who YOU are, not entertaining unsolicited opinions or adhering to traditions that hold no meaning to you.

But in all likelihood, deciding to elope will not come as a shock to the people you love. Because they know you! Telling the people you love will not be ‘breaking it to them’ as if it’s some devastating news they have to sit with for months on end. It’s probable that the people who love you know that a traditional wedding is not your dream scenario. Your fam may have their own expectations and opinions to get past, but just remember, this is the best day of your life; it’s not about anyone else.

Lean on your partner, support each other, remember and convey that you made this decision together because it’s the right way to start your life together.

Share your vision with them by actually showing them. Create a virtual inspiration board, or show off your elopement photographer's work. It will be hard not to get excited for you when they see for themselves how special elopements are.

You absolutely can!! When I say you can do whatever you want, I mean you can do WHATEVER you want!!!

There are so many sweet and fun ways to announce your elopement. Finding ways to make your people feel special and valued will help immensely to get people excited for you. Not everyone will be as stoked as you are right away that you eloped, but that’s okay! With a little time, they’ll come to a place of full on support.

Think about FaceTiming them after you’ve tied the knot, maybe even while you’re still at your chosen elopement spot! Consider writing letters to read to them to convey your love appreciation for them.

You don’t have to make a hard choice of only eloping or having a party. You can elope AND have a big celebration with the people you love most.

  • We eloped!
  • Happily ever after-party
  • We said ‘I Do’ now we want to party with you!

This happens WAY more often than you’d think! Wedding planning is a huge task. Actually, ‘task’ is too tame of a word. It can be an overwhelming, life-altering ordeal for the months that you’re trying to put together a party for 100+ people. I’ve checked in with brides who had planned a traditional wedding and then opted to elope instead. If you’ve sent out Save the Dates, send out Un-Save the Date cards. Using a little humor can get people on your side really quickly. No explanation is needed; just clue folks in on your plan so they know what to expect. This will help them feel valued. Let them know you’d love to celebrate with them after. If you have a plan for when that will be, notate the date in your Un-Save card. If not, simply say TBD.

Eloping isn’t a cop out, and it’s not about creating a shortcut or escape route for you and your partner. It’s an intentional, empowering, brave decision you’ve made so the day (and the days leading up to it) remains about the love between you and your partner. Eloping is also not about exclusion. You can absolutely ask your family and friends to help you with your planning process or bring them along!

Showing that you love your partner doesn’t mean you must declare it in front of dozens of people. You can have an intimate ceremony, just the two of you, filled with meaning and intention.

Keep in mind, rules and expectations don’t determine how you get married. If including family and friends will add to your experience and feels authentic to you, bring them along. Keep an open mind, and be honest with yourself about what’s important to you. Let that help you determine how your day will look and feel.

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