Waterfall Elopement on the Columbia River Gorge | Brittany x Chandler

What’s the loveliest way to start a day? Elope! Well, to be more specific, have an epic waterfall elopement on the Columbia River Gorge. And that’s exactly what Brittany and Chandler did early on a Tuesday morning.

Chandler reached out to me a couple of months back, he said that he, Brittany and their 18 months old Cameron would be switching up their normal Colorado vacation to come check out the Pacific Northwest. They love all things outdoors, but being from Texas, the heat can be somewhat limiting. They lived it up and got into the outdoors here!

Chandler shared that he and Brittany had already eloped, but they’d really only made it legal and wanted to have a more intentional, emotional ceremony that included their little one. They described feeling connected to lush greenery, low creeks and rivers, and most of all, waterfalls. We chatted about a few options and eventually decided that they’d get everything they were looking for if we planned out their elopement by an epic waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge. (They wanted to check out that part of Oregon anyway, so, two birds.)

Fun fact:

We didn’t have to hike far at all for this incredible backdrop. MAYBE a quarter mile round trip. This spot is extremely accessible, though because it does tend to be a busy tourist destination, we opted to venture out in the early morning on a weekday. This is all to say that you don’t have to be training for months to elope in gorgeous surroundings that resonate with you.Β 

We arrived at 7am on a Tuesday morning and were two of six or so cars in the parking lot. We planned anΒ  early morning start for their elopement to give these two some privacy for the experience they were about to have; exchanging vows to each other in a setting that would enhance and deepen the already emotional and life changing commitment they were making.

Check out Brittany and Chandler’s incredible Columbia River Gorge waterfall elopement.

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